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PITU is a fully enclosed negative pressure isolation unit used to temporarily house, transport and isolate patients who are diagnosed with or suspected of having a contagious disease like COVID-19. PITU has an adjustable frame and loop and velcro cinching straps that allow it to fit on various gurneys. PITU serves as a safeguard against infectious disease by preventing the contagion from getting into the environment or infecting another person. 


Protects Medical Staff  

PITU allows medical staff to treat patients with contagious diseases from the outside of the enclosure without running the risk of contracting COVID-19 and/ or other contagious diseases. The enclosure serves as a barrier protecting Health Care Providers. Typically, patients are isolated in a room and staff walks into that contaminated environment each day, PITU would eliminate that with its negative pressure properties that keep the contagion inside the enclosure.

Allows Family Members to Visit and Comfort Sick Relatives

PITU makes it possible for family members to visit sick relatives who may have contracted a contagious disease like COVID-19 without jeopardizing their health. Hospitals have a "No Visitation Policy" to prevent the spread. PITU could eliminate that and at least allow family to be beside their loved ones during their last moments. 

Serves as a Housing Enclosure

Patients can be temporarily housed inside the enclosure. It's spacious enough to allow patient mobility. They can sit up, eat and even watch TV. 

Replaces Negative Pressure Rooms

This negative pressure enclosure can be kept in already available hospital rooms instead of having to create negative pressure rooms to isolate infected patients. PITU can help overloaded facilities create more space and treat more patients with multiple PITU's.


Mobile and Easy Transportation


PITU is mobile and can easily transport patients from place to place without the fear of spreading the contagion.

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