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A&R Announces the Purchase of PITU (Patient Isolation Transportation Unit)

 by Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Fontana, CA, June 16, 2020 - AR Tech,an aerospace and medical equipment manufacturer, has received their first purchase order for a Patient Isolation Transportation Unit (PITU) from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC), in Colton, California.


PITU is designed to not only transport patients who are diagnosed with or suspected of having a contagious disease, but also serves as a temporary housing enclosurewhich protects medical staff, family members and the public. In addition, isolation of the patient inside the enclosure can allow properly attired family members to visit a relative who has COVID-19.PITU serves as a safeguard against infectious disease by preventing the contagion from getting into the environment or infecting another person. This negative pressure enclosure can be kept in already available hospital rooms without having to transformthese hospital rooms into negative pressure rooms.


“With PITU we are able to help more sick patients and save more lives,” said Carmen Weisbart, President of AR Tech.


About AR Tech

AR Tech is a subsidiary of A&R Tarpaulins Inc. which is the parent company of AR

Industries and provides products and services for medical companies, flight hardware and ground

support to various aerospace companies providing satellite launches, architectural products and

services for homes and businesses, and industrial products for the transportation industry. For

more information contact A&R at 909-829-4444 or visit


About Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

For information about ARMC, visit Follow ARMC on Twitter at @ArrowheadRMC for important announcements and updates, and on Facebook at

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