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FDA Approves Emergency Use of AR Tech’s Patient Isolation

Transportation Unit (PITU)

Fontana, CA, May 8, 2020 - AR Tech, an aerospace and medical equipment manufacturer, announces its Patient Isolation Transportation Unit (PITU) is now available and The Food and Drug Administration has given emergency approval for its use. PITU is intended to be used by health care providers for temporary isolation and transport of patients with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

“The PITU is a negative pressure isolation enclosure that makes working with highly contagious diseases a safer process”, said Carmen Weisbart, RN, AR Tech President. The AR Tech team along with Dr. Mark Comunale, Head of Anesthesiology at Arrowhead Medical Center worked on the development and manufacturing of this unit for more than 2 years when the outbreak for the Ebola disease struck back in 2015, and now it’s ready for our frontline medical professionals.


PITU Protects Hospital Employees


PITU has the ability to address many

of the issues we hear about in the news

industry. “When the Covid-19 pandemic

began it was overwhelming to hear about

the deaths of frontline workers who

became infected with this disease. These

are people who are fighting for the lives

of others and it’s tragic to have their lives

taken away by this disease. PITU will be

a safeguard against these infectious diseases

by preventing the contagion from getting

into the environment or infecting another

person. Let’s help save the lives of our

frontline heroes”, said Bud Weisbart,

AR Tech’s Vice President.


Patients with Covid-19 are allowed to have visitors


Since PITU is a negative pressure enclosure that can be kept in a hospital room without having to transform a hospital room into a negative pressure room, properly attired family members can visit patients with Covid-19. “Hearing that patients are dying alone and suffering from loneliness because of isolation is saddening. We want PITU to bring families together in hard times like

these. It must be devastating having a sick relative and not being able to be with them to show them comfort. We hope the unit will provide much needed safety for our medical professionals during these difficult times,” Weisbart said.


About AR Tech

AR Tech is a subsidiary of A&R Tarpaulins Inc. which is the parent company of AR

Industries and provides products and services for medical companies, flight hardware and ground

support to various aerospace companies providing satellite launches, architectural products and

services for homes and businesses, and industrial products for the transportation industry. For

more information contact A&R at 909-829-4444 or visit

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