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AR Tech announces US PATENT Issued to Dr. Mark Comunale for Patient Isolation Transportation Unit- PITU

Fontana, CA, July 28, 2020 – PITU, the invention created by Dr. Mark Comunale, head of Anesthesiology at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, addresses many of the issues we are facing over the COVID-19 virus.  This negative pressure enclosure isolates COVID-19 patients, creates a barrier between them and medical professionals treating them, and can even allow family members to visit them.

Dr. Comunale has received U.S. Patent No. 10,716,725, after having previously received the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization in late June of this year. In both the analyses of the U.S. Patent application and the FDA’s EUA, PITU was found to have no equal in the market place in addressing the needs to both isolate the patients and allow access to them.  PITU fits on standard medical gurneys and can be used to both transport and temporarily house patients at a time when facilities are overwhelmed in their ICU and ER’s due to COVID-19.


Because it is spacious, PITU also allows the patient the ability to sit up, eat, read and even watch TV through its transparent walls.


Dr. Comunale, and AR Tech, an aerospace and medical equipment manufacturer in Fontana, California have teamed up to produce and sell PITU to medical facilities and believe it can serve wherever large crowds of people gather including amusement parks, festivals, cruise ships, and so on.


About AR Tech

AR Tech is a subsidiary of A&R Tarpaulins Inc. which is the parent company of AR Industries and provides products and services for medical companies, flight hardware and ground support to various aerospace companies providing satellite launches, architectural products and services for homes and businesses, and industrial products for the transportation industry. For more information contact A&R at 909-829-4444 or visit


About Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

For information about ARMC, visit Follow ARMC on Twitter at @ArrowheadRMC for important announcements and updates, and on Facebook at

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